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About Gabriel Ho


Sport Performance Optimization 

Injury Care and Rehabilitation

Chronic Pain

Migraine Relief

Gabriel Ho RMT

He is a graduate of Royal Canadian College of Massage, McMaster Contemporary Medical Acupuncture, and McMaster Advanced Neurofunctional Sports Performance Programs and a member of the College of Massage Therapists. Now as an instructor for the McMaster Contemporary Medical Acupuncture course and developer of Contemporary Suction Cup Therapy course he is involved with the development of the next generation of practitioners. He is passionate about helping people along their healing journey.

Gabriel's treatments focus on identification and correction of the underlying causes of dysfunction. This often means treating beyond the structure. To treat the underlying cause, a thorough assessment must be done pre-treatment, throughout treatment and post-treatment. He uses what he has learned in his education, experience and study travels across China and combines the traditional Eastern therapies with scientifically proven Western therapies to determine the best possible course of treatment.

Treatments include: acupuncture, cupping, massage and myofascial release.  Gabriel is a life long learner and continuously adds treatment techniques to his toolbox.

Since no one can know your body more than you, patient interaction and participation is essential to a more effective treatment.

Gabriel loves helping patients return to the activities that they love to do with greater effectiveness and without pain.

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